Chun Lo Marvel Spiderman variant

A little over a week later and we are back! This Monday is gonna be full of web slinging action. We're pulling off the mask and finally revealing this anticipated variant that started it all for Plush Art Club. It's enough to make Jonah Jameson pay you in advance! 


Plush Art Club's very first online release was on February 7th, 2020. We dropped Chun Lo's "Reg Edition" Spider-Man. To our surprise it went on to SELL OUT! We were completely floored, we owe a big thanks to all of you club members for making our first release such a huge success. It was so successful that many of you kept asking "When will the variant be released?". We knew that we had to save the variant for a very special occasion.


In honor of the 2nd anniversary video game release of "Spider-Man", we are here to finally present the follow up variant that you all have been patiently waiting for...



Check out the close up shots of this stellar poster. The paper stock is stunning when it catches the light! 


You can follow Chun Lo on Instagram & Twitter 


Alright web heads that about summarizes our newest addition to the Plush Art Club library. We can't wait for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales! 


Special thanks to our friends at Comicbook for unveiling this piece for us



 In partnership with our friends at Grey Matter Art  

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