Plush Art Club presents not one fierce lady, but TWO! Both iconic in their own right. In collaboration with our friends over at Grey Matter Art we proudly add Dark Phoenix by Malleus to our club house library. 

“This print is our first official Marvel Universe work. It’s been an honour and a challenge for us to draw a super heroine, thinking how many Marvel artists have been an inspiration for us, Jack Kirby above all. Phoenix is the powerful and scary double-faced goddess in the X-Men saga: in our vision she is an almost religious icon figure, subtly covered by flames, innervated and divided by the X.” – Malleus

We are such huge fans of Malleus and their work. Few artists design AND do their own screen printing. We were in complete awe when we finally received the prints in hand all the way from Italy. Photos just don't do this print justice but boy did we try. The below photos are close up shots of the insane detail on this piece. In this case all that glitters IS gold. The metallic inks are simply stunning. 

You can follow Malleus on Instagram & Twitter - @malleusdelic


Second addition to our club house library is the effortlessly cool Spider-Gwen done by the incomparable Ilya Kuvshinov

“Spider-Gwen is so natural and unique, drawing her is pure fun! Can’t wait to see her again in the next movie!” – Ilya

A Russian illustrator living in Tokyo, Ilya is known for creating his own unique brand of manga-inspired illustrations. His style is undeniably manga with a cinematic touch. You can spot a Kuvshinov from a mile away with his trademark soft, dreamlike lighting. Kuvshinov has attracted a huge online fan base, with a whopping 1.8 million Instagram followers. He used this online success to publish “Momentary: The art of Ilya Kuvshinov”, a book of selective illustrations ranging from Sci-Fi concepts to dreamy manga scenes.  Ilya was recently brought on as the character designer for Netflix’s anime series, “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”.

We were absolutely floored to have Ilya in our artists circle. We've been admiring his work for years and we can't wait for you club members to enjoy these two very special pieces. 

You can follow Ilya Kuvshinov on Instagram & Twitter 


Here's to our collaborators and for helping us add more plush art into the world. Talk soon penpals!  



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