Plush Art Club releases it's first collaboration with Bottleneck Gallery and we have not one but TWO birthdays to celebrate penpals! First, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Game of the Year" winner, RockSteady's "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and the second is the 80th anniversary of DC's timeless character, Joker. If you ask us, he looks pretty darn good for a sociopathic clown. 

To commemorate this incredibly special occasion the club leaders thought "Chun Lo was so nice, we gotta have him do it twice". 


"I was honored to have had the opportunity of illustrating a print for Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was one of my favorite games growing up, featuring by far my favorite superhero, Batman. The game was extraordinarily faithful to the lore and characterizations, especially to the Dark Knight's Rogue's gallery, yet it didn't fail to surprise with it's own original vision. A standout design I felt was Joker's, one that was so familiar yet unique for the series; with the 80th anniversary of the character coming up, I felt what better way to celebrate than to illustrate the Clown Prince of Crime officially. For the piece, I really wanted to show the Joker as the chaotic, scheming, maniacal presence that he is. Despite Batman's looming shadow over him you can still tell he was in control of what's to come. It was a complete joy to illustrate the Joker and for those avid Arkham fans out there I'm sure you'll be able to pick out a surprise in the details." - Chun Lo



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